About Us

We're a small Dublin based team with a genuine passion for creativity. We've been in the digital business for over 15 years and everything we do is backed by solid experience and proven results.

About Doghouse Media

How we work

For us, every relationship is built on trust and honesty. Our goal is to carry these relationships forward through top notch delivery and support.

Before we start on your project, we'll engage with the key individuals in your business to gain an understanding of your objectives and what you are looking to achieve.

Our design processes keeps those people involved, engaged and informed throughout the design, build and life of your project.

What’s our mission here at Doghouse Media

Our mission is to make you stand out from the rest, be it through a gorgeously designed website you can update yourself to a fast moving effective online promo video you can use as part of of an effective marketing campaign.

There we are - meet the team

Emma Walkin

Emma Walkin


Emma heads our media production and handles overall operations.

Alan Higgison

Alan Higgison


Alan works as creative lead in the media side of our business.

Sue Ryan

Susan Ryan


Susan has over 20 years experience in IT in Ireland and the UK, her roles have ranged from programming and consultancy to Project Management.